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Your trusted nursery management software solution designed by early years directors, nursery & finance managers.

Interactive Nursery Manager

We’re taking nursery management to a whole new level!

Are you looking for a new nursery system to streamline your numerous daily operations? Well, look no further. Our innovative nursery management software could be the perfect time and cost-effective solution you require. Finally, after all these years, you may have found what you’ve been searching for.

From personal experience, we know that running a nursery or group is no small task. Managing a busy nursery team and liaising with parents, while maintaining the highest standards of childcare can be overwhelming at times. But our cutting-edge nursery management software is designed to simplify your workload and assist you to provide the best care and education for young children.

But there’s much, much more to this than just nursery software. It’s about people… the education, care and wellbeing of young children and helping busy nursery teams and parents to work in close partnership.

Since beginning our trial with the INM, we have received such amazing support and training, either via Live Chat online, or Zoom. The team have even tailored the system to our own requirements even though this involved some change in programming – nothing seems to be too much effort for them.

Mel Holland - Administrator

We have been using the INM system across all three of our nurseries for over four years now. We were very impressed with INM from the very beginning, contact with them was so easy and anytime we had any questions they were answered. Whilst the INM is a very established business, it still boasts a very personal service tailored to the individual setting.

Soraya Islam-Sanchez, Nursery Business Manager

As a growing nursery, we found that the system we were using was unable to keep up with the growing demands and complexities of our setting, so we began looking at other options…and there are a lot! We narrowed it down to 2 and after a visit to a nursery already using the INM, I was convinced that it was the one for us. It is not a decision I have regretted at any point.

Hannah Rook, Nursery Business Manager

After a series of unpleasant experiences with a well know management system, the Interactive Nursery Manager is like a breath of fresh air for our group. Every module within the INM from Child Well Being to Staff Management and Finance is very easy to use and navigate and our teams now have a highly reliable system that they can trust and confidentially use for virtually every daily routine within our busy setting

Gill Race, Director

We are a relatively newly expanded nursery with an age range from Babies to Preschool and we also provide extended services for the school.  We have used the INM system for just over 2 years and we initially took part in their free training sessions which has allowed us to set up different rooms and charges. I feel the INM support team listens and take on board what we need from the system to make admin within the nursery efficient.  I have always believed in working smarter not harder and the INM system has allowed us to do this.

Denise and Richard Noble, Directors
Child wellbeing

Child Wellbeing

The Interactive Nursery Manager provides after school clubs, nurseries, and larger nursery groups with everything they require to accurately record, monitor, and track every aspect of a child’s wellbeing and their individual care needs.

Our nursery management system has been designed to capture all aspects of a child’s care and daily routine quickly and effectively. It provides a complete record of every aspect of a child’s care in one place, which is accessed by date range, allowing easy tracking over periods of time.

Finance and Invoicing

Nursery invoicing can be a complex and extremely time-consuming task for busy directors and managers. The INM gives you everything required to fast track and streamline your invoicing process. Reduce your invoicing time from hours to minutes!

With the numerous finance and funding options available, you simply set up the system to meet your own requirements. Customise sessions with hourly or fixed rates, track payments, discounts, free entitlement, vouchers, revenue projections, financial budgets, waiting lists, enquiries… all at the touch of a button!

Parent Partnership

Excellent parent partnerships can provide immeasurable benefits for young children. Children are constantly learning from everyone around them, and their parents and other family members play an important part in their wellbeing and early years development.

With an excellent level of communication between parents and nursery teams, both parties can share updates on not only a child’s strengths but also areas where they may require additional support. The INM Interactive 360 app allows you to keep your parents instantly updated with everything relating to their child’s wellbeing!

Child Pay

You may like the payment method you currently use to accept invoice payments and that’s good. With the INM, you can continue to use any payment method you choose. But.. our system also gives you the option to receive immediate payment by debit or credit card.

Child Pay is an easy to setup and configure payment feature for your nursery or group to begin accepting debit and credit cards payments. This service is provided through our partnership with Stripe, a leading PSP (Payment Service Provider). This highly secure payment gateway automatically processes your card transactions – protecting both you and your parents. It is now the No. 1 choice for millions of businesses worldwide including Google, Amazon, Spotify, Xero, and Uber.

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Are you tired of nursery software that just doesn’t measure up to your needs? Discover what sets the Interactive Nursery Manager apart and why 90% of first-time viewers choose to join us! Our innovative features are designed to streamline your nursery operations and boost efficiency.

Ready to see how our leading nursery management software can transform your setting? Just schedule a quick call with our friendly team today. In just a few minutes, we’ll cover your specific requirements and show you exactly how we can help you save valuable time and resources.

    Key Features

    Did we mention who actually built the Interactive Nursery Manager?

    Well, the INM was designed and developed by people just like you. Nursery owners, managers, and practitioners.

    Although some members of the INM team have an early years or primary education background, who better to build a management system than the people who work in childcare every day. Over the years, we have been privileged to work with some amazing people in childcare and this continues to this day. Every time there’s a change in education, our developers and educators get together and come up with a new outstanding feature.

    That is why our unique nursery management system has absolutely every time saving feature you require to reduce your very busy workload. New nurseries and groups joining us are absolutely amazed to discover that we have even more features than the system they currently use.


    While on the topic of features…

    Why should you pay more for extra features that should really be included as standard?

    At the INM, we offer transparent and affordable pricing for our nursery management software. No hidden fees, extra add-on costs, no complicated pricing tiers—just straightforward pricing that fits your budget. Our goal is to empower nurseries of all sizes with the tools they need to succeed without breaking the bank.

    With the Interactive Nursery Manager, you get access to a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your operations and improve efficiency. Whether you’re a small playgroup or a large nursery chain, our flexible pricing options ensure that you only pay for the children who attend your nursery. Join the countless nurseries already benefiting from the INM and take the first step towards a more efficient and cost-effective future for your business.

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