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An innovation in nursery management software designed by early years directors, managers and practitioners.

If you wish to fast track and improve the numerous everyday processes in your busy nursery, you will be pleasantly surprised with our Interactive Nursery Manager (INM).This is because our unique nursery management system was designed by people just like you. Everything is included from our free Child Wellbeing apps for Apple, Android and Amazon Fire devices to fast, easy, finance / invoice management.

Our INM nursery management system has been specifically designed to reduce operational costs, streamline your business, and make your setting the No.1 choice for staff and parents! Offering a highly professional level of childcare has never been easier.

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We can also arrange a free online setup/configuration session to fast track your Interactive Nursery Manager experience and provide exceptional levels of free support through Live Chat, by email or telephone. We are always here to assist you!

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