Effective communication with parents and carers in the Early Years is key to the success of any nursery.

However, some parents and carers have little free time during the day due to work demands, causing some challenges to communication. Some children may be dropped off as soon as the nursery opens and picked up just as it closes. This can sometimes make parental communication difficult and sometimes in-depth feedback, or a general update is not possible.

Many parents/carers will be regularly accessing their emails throughout the day, so this is a very quick and straightforward way to communicate. Various things can be sent in emails or through attachments such as newsletters, notices, and important updates. These emails can be standardised and sent to many recipients at once, or they can be more personalised notices that can be sent to individuals.

What is the INM Email Service?

The INM Email Service allows you to send emails to all parents/carers, those with children in specific rooms or to one or more individuals. It is as simple as writing a standard email, selecting your recipients and attaching one or more documents. You can also attach a Statement of Accounts report to the email updating your bill payers with their account activity and balances.

The INM sends the emails on your behalf, using a dedicated SMTP provider to ensure greater delivery success all at no additional charge to you, the nursery. You simply add your own ‘from’ and a reply ‘to’ address should your parents/carers reply to the email directly. A copy of every mail you send is also sent to your defined ‘From’ address.

What if my emails don’t get delivered?

All emails sent are logged and can be found in your Email log. This may show those that have attempted to send but the email address is wrong or missing or in the incorrect format, or those that may bounce back for various reasons including mailbox full, or recipient not found for the domain.

Am I limited to the number of emails I can send each month?

No, you can send as many emails as required. There are no restrictions on the number of emails you send to your parents and carers.