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Safer Internet Day 8th Feb 2022

Every parent wishes to keep their children safe, well and free from harm and danger. We teach them to be careful when crossing the road, wear a helmet and pads when skateboarding or cycling, don’t swim too far out ... the list is endless. Young children and teenagers can experience numerous educational, entertainment, social benefits [...]

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Email Service – Parent and Carer communication…

Effective communication with parents and carers in the Early Years is key to the success of any nursery. However, some parents and carers have little free time during the day due to work demands, causing some challenges to communication. Some children may be dropped off as soon as the nursery opens and picked up [...]

2022-01-07T12:33:43+00:00January 7th, 2022|INM News|

Child Pay… an optional, faster payment option

Child Pay is an optional easy to setup payment function for your nursery or group to begin accepting debit and credit cards payments. This service is provided through our partnership with Stripe, a leading PSP (Payment Service Provider). What is Stripe? Stripe is a global online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of [...]

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