Child Admissions

Children have different needs regarding dietary requirements, allergies and possibly medical care. To help you to provide an exceptional level of child care to assure parents that their child is in safe, professional hands, nursery staff must be aware of these and know how to respond quickly and effectively if an emergency arises. In a busy nursery or group, you should have immediate access to all this important information which parents provide. The INM provides a fully comprehensive profile for each child and this can be accessed within seconds, rather than attempting to find paper-based folders. The Child Admission module also controls other important data to automatically assist you with a wide range of child related information.

  • View Weekly registers by nursery or room

  • Store comprehensive child information including contacts and health professionals

  • Set review dates for allergies and medical conditions

  • Collect and review parental consent and care routine details

  • Create general or custom session patterns on a childs personal calendar

  • Add extra sessions and adhoc hours as required

  • Configure individual account settings such as stretched invoicing and funding offers

  • Manage discounts, free entitlement and holiday options

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