Finance and Invoicing

Nursery funding, finance, invoicing and planning are all an essential part of any business. In a nursery setting or group where fluctuations in child numbers or session bookings can change on a daily or sometimes hourly basis, this can create a real headache for you or your finance manager. The Interactive Nursery Manager has a fully comprehensive range of invoicing, funding and fee options to meet your specific requirements. It has been designed by experienced nursery finance managers and accountants to help you to quickly fast track every aspect of your finance and invoicing.

  • Full financial summary by account showing current balances

  • Easy Invoice generation for whole nursery, rooms or individual children

  • Flexible configuration options to tailor over-due days and invoice dates

  • Create invoices and send directly to bill payer email addresses

  • Click to view full Statement of Accounts

  • Add funds/payments to accounts against specific payment methods

  • See all charges and payments made to accounts at a glance

  • Track all invoice emails sent and check successful delivery

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