Interactive Nursery Manager (INM) and Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

Are you still recording and tracking your children’s development on paper? Or perhaps you are using a system that doesn’t meet your requirements?

Apart from our Interactive Nursery Manager (INM), you may also be interested in our Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) early years educational reporting and tracking system. Used by thousands of early years and primary educators across the U.K and worldwide, the ILD can greatly reduce your educational reporting workload to a fraction of what you are currently experiencing.

As we have mentioned, the INM was developed by people just like you…early years directors, managers and practitioners. What they all have in common is that they are also dedicated users of our Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) early years and primary educational reporting system! They had all approached us about developing a new unique nursery management system which could be used in conjunction with the ILD.

The Interactive Nursery Manager (INM) can of course be used as a stand-alone management system but when integrated with the Interactive Learning Diary, it provides you with a fully comprehensive time and cost effective, nursery childcare and business system!

To discover more about the Interactive Learning Diary, just click the ILD icon below…