When choosing your nursery software, we believe that you shouldn’t pay extra for features that should be standard. While many providers offer tiered packages based on features with escalating costs, we believe in keeping things straightforward and affordable. With the INM, we offer realistic pricing that provides excellent value for money without breaking the bank.

With our system, there are no hidden fees or complicated pricing structures. Everyone receives the full range of functions, ensuring that you have everything you need to manage your nursery efficiently. In fact, based on new nurseries joining us, our system sets the standard for excellence in nursery management software. So why settle for less when you can have the best at a price that makes sense for your budget?

* All prices exclude VAT


How long is the free trial?2023-06-13T13:13:50+01:00

30 days. During your trial, you can either use your INM Training Room or immediately begin to upload live data. This data is saved if you decide to join us.

Do you assist with set up and are there any additional fees?2023-06-13T13:16:14+01:00

There are no set up fees with the INM. We also assist you with fast, effective data transfer from your current provider.

How quickly can the INM be set up?2023-06-13T13:16:49+01:00

With a well-focused approach and our assistance, most busy nurseries can be set up and fully operational in a matter of days.

Do you provide training?2023-06-13T13:17:23+01:00

Yes, we provide free online training. We train your finance manager and also your nursery team.

Is support provided?2023-06-13T13:17:53+01:00

Yes, we provide excellent levels of free support through Live Chat in your INM, by email and telephone.

Are there extra charges for additional functions and special reports etc?2023-06-13T13:18:25+01:00

That’s a huge NO! Your chosen INM package has absolutely everything you require.

I am experiencing problems with finance & invoicing. How accurate is the INM?2024-05-08T09:19:54+01:00

100% accurate! Many of our new nurseries have immediately uncovered serious financial discrepancies which were missed or created by their last system.

Can I configure the finance and invoicing functions I require?2023-06-13T13:20:00+01:00

Yes. The INM can be personised to meet your specific requirements.

I would like to stay with my current learning journey system. Can I continue using this?2023-06-13T13:31:10+01:00

Yes you can or alternatively, you can also use our Interactive Learning Diary. The ILD system is leading the way in fast, effective child development  tracking. It fully integrates with your INM to create one complete nursery management / child development tracking system.